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Undying Italia now supports Clive Barker's Jericho

Hi to everybody
since some time we are thiinkin' that it would be cool to support the new forthcoming game born from the creative Clive Barker's mind.
Now that moment is arrived.
So we are glad to inform you that Undying Italia Community will support Clive Barker's Jericho from here to eternity.
We think that Clive Barker's is a genial mind and that also this new game will be enlighted as the so beloved Undying.
In the next days we'll post here news, screenshots, goodies, videos etc etc etc...everything about this new interesting game.
We hope that you'll appreciate our new mission.
Dont' be afrais...Undying will still be supported...we will never be able to forget it 'cause it was our first inspiration to build this community and our mission will be remain the same: "Spread all over the world the story of Patrick Galloway and the Covenant's".

We are waitin' for your opinions about...tell us what you think on our board in the new dedicated section that you can reach by clickin' here.


PS We will improve website and board in order to support as well as possible Jericho..so please be patient :)

by Doppiapunta, Thursday, 27 September 2007 21:39, Comments(0), read all
Forum update and database cleanup

This morning my friend and co-admin Burt operated an update on our board.

Infact we installed the new version of PhpBB board upgradin' it to the version 2.0.22.

In the meanwhile we operated also a clean up on the database: we deleted all the registered users who didn't activate the account till now.

We did theese operations in order to limit the spammer attacks and to have a cleaner database.
Infact many spam bots registered fake users on the site in order to attack it.

After starting the activation method many fake users registered but not activated the accounts.

So we decided to delete all the not activated accounts.

If a user will not find his old account since he didn't activate it he have to register again to the website and then to ask for the activation.

Plus we installed an anti-bot question module for the guest users who asks for activation.

We hope that theese improvements will make the board faster and safer from external attaccks.

Tell us what you think about and if you experience troubles or bugs while using the site.

by Doppiapunta, Sunday, 09 September 2007 16:08, Comments(1), read all
A new mappack in development: Last Train by Osiris

On Standing Stones Community Forum the mapper Osiris announced that his new mappack is in development.
It's called "Last train".

Osiris gave a bunch of details about his coming mappack...down here we post his words on Standing Stones Community:

"So Im starting to get somewhere with this new map thing I started over a week or so ago now. Title is now called 'Last Train'. At the moment, I have the main 'area', the rural'ish setting , trainstation and such all mapped out, I have other important areas on their way or in the beginnings of being created, such as church, underground areas, farmland/barn/s , farmhouse, etc.. still a way to go, but not bad progress for just over a week. Ive included some new textures upto now, and keep adding more as i go along. I also started roughly going over music the other day too, but am holding off on that till nearer the end. Im almost ready to show a shot or two soon, as there is areas starting to look 'ok'."

You can see some screenshots of this new mod down here.
We start from the initial ones posted by Osiris when the work began and then you will see the new ones ..posted some days ago showing the latest progresses.

Initial Shots in April 2007:

Shots posted in May 2007 during the hot development:

Other shots in May 2007:

The latest shots in July 2007:

The mod is still in development even if theese are the final "touches" before the release.
Stay tuned for more news on this website and we'll inform you about any new about.
Bye Bye

by Doppiapunta, Sunday, 09 September 2007 10:14, Comments(1), read all
Presentate yourself in the forum and you will be activated

Hi Guys
since we had many spammer attacks during tha last months we decided to swith the account activation from user to admin.
That is to say that will be an admin, Me or Burt, that will activate our account after your request.
What to do?
Well you have to register on this website and then you have to post a "presentation post" in the forum.
We created a public area called "Presentation and activation".
You have to go in that section and open an activation thred.
That is to say you have to open a thread saying"hello" and asking to the admins to activate your account.
Also the not activated user can post in that section.
You have to specify in the post the nickname you used for registering.
Beware you have to spcify the nickname inside the body of the post..not as the postingnickname.
The posting nickname will be "Guest" for everyone.
Only the member that will ask by opening a thred will be activated.
You will have to open the thread 5 days from the registration moment.
If you will take more time your nick will be banned and your mail too.
We are sad about this decision but it's the only way to block spammers.
We hope you'll understand...after using many antibot and antispammer methods now we use this one, hoping that this decision will not affect the community.
Have a nice time


by Doppiapunta, Friday, 26 January 2007 19:06, Comments(0), read all
We're back

As many of you noticed our beloved website was down during last days. This was caused for the ending contract with our web-hoster. But now we are back again with a new jhosting contract..proud and strong to continue and to spread the Undying word around the world. We are waiting for you and for your idead and proposals. CU soon on the board Cheers

by Doppiapunta, Tuesday, 19 September 2006 11:36, Comments(3), read all
Pathologic has been released in UK

Previously announced game Pathologic (aka Mor.Utopia) has been released in UK.

Link to the game's page on Amazon

by burt, Monday, 11 September 2006 17:01, Comments(0), read all
New Horror by Clive Barker: Jericho!

trebel posted great news today: new game of our beloved Clive Barker is coming, called Jericho!

Here are the links:

Great news, everyone!

by burt, Friday, 21 July 2006 07:58, Comments(1), read all
Undying Timeline by Katran

Katran made an Undying Timeline containing dates of main game events. Be prepared:
Undying Timeline by Katran

by burt, Tuesday, 06 June 2006 07:42, Comments(1), read all
Zombie Manor is coming

Paul Lightning's Zombie Manor mod is coming! Our Image Gallery has some cool screenshots.

Also take a look at this thread.

by burt, Tuesday, 06 June 2006 07:41, Comments(1), read all
News on Pathologic (Mor.Utopia)

Demo version of Pathologic in English is available now! Check game forums for details and support.

You can download the demo (700 MB) here:


Also, German version of Pathologic (aka Mor.Utopia) has gone to gold and will be available in shops there on 20th April! Read the news here.

by burt, Thursday, 13 April 2006 22:16, Comments(3), read all
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