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Undying Editing Tools

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Here you can find tools required to create your own maps for Clive Barker's Undying tm

Official Undying Editors
UndEdUndying Editor I (executable version 0.41.0796)
This editor was used by developers of Undying to create original game levels. Version is stable and has full support of all Undying Engine specific features (audio subtitling, square terrain brush, mirror surfaces, etc)
UndEd2Undying Editor version 2
This editor has better interface but is less stable, especially in building levels. My personal advice is to use UndEd2 to create all the contents switching to UndEd1 to make complex brushes and to build your levels.
Game Tools
Undying Map LoaderThis tool allows to run any map, providing the list of all available maps through handy graphical interface. Download
Editing Tools
T3D ToolDevelopers of Undying used this tool to import and export t3d files from the UndEd editor to 3ds Max and back again.
Although this tool was developed for 3D Studio MAX 3.1, it works with all later versions including latest 3DS MAX 7.
BurtEditor packageThis package adds three new brushes to UndEd2:
- randomized terrain based on squares (like in UndEd1)
- randomized sphere (useful to create rocks)
- old staircase (steps are not connected with each other)
You can find details at this page.
Additional Editing Tools
TerraEdit (v0.1a)This utility allows you to create and edit a terrain which can be exported to t3d file to use with UndEd (both 1 and 2).Download
Journal EditorThis utility allows to modify journal .int files using user-friendly graphical interface. Supports automatic line-wrapping, objectives, sections, etc. Still in testing, so backup your original .int before saving.Download
VariTexVariTex provides a simple way of variating textures by adding different details to them. In a few clicks you can generate leaves on your ground texture, all variated by size, rotation and placement.Download
Undying Actors and Classes
Undying Source ClassesHere you can find all the classes of Undying exported as .uc files. You can also perform Export All action for all classes with UndEd1 instead of downloading this archiveComing soon
Undying Actors - DescriptionThis chm help file contains descriptions and screenshots of some actors along with simple usage tutorials. At this moment following objects are available: Actor class, Camera Navigation with CutScenes tutorial, EffectsNavigation including Lightning tutorial, Generators (Creature, Decal, Inventory and Projectile) and HeldProps with screenshots. Download
Undying Actors - Unreal Script ReferenceThis chm help file contains Reference to all Undying actors including their variables, functions and states stored in readable form.Coming soon

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