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Undying Italia

Portal's Guide

Table of Contents
Intro Our purposes and what it all is about
Who's Behind Here we shade a light upon ourselves
First Time Here? Information about registration (it's free) and common rules
Where to Start Brief guide to portal's sections
How to Set Here you'll find information about configuring your settings for browsing the portal
Where to Write Any critics, offers, words, materials, new ideas can be send to us

1. Introducing: Undying Italia

Greetings to you, visitor!

Do you wonder of what all this portal is about?
Well, there is a basement of all the ideas you can see here, and this basement is Clive Barker's Undying tm.
Have you heard of this game? I'm pretty sure you had, but just for case: Undying is a great game in horror genre combining elements of classical in-house horror and Lovecraftian mythology, providing many layers of reality and telling the great story. Name of Clive Barker in its title means that Mr. Barker had given many of his ideas and precious time to this game. He was the one responsible for characters and moreover for the whole athmosphere of the game. If you have read his books or watched his movies, you probably think now that the game is that good too, and my answer is yes, it is.

Unfortunatelly, Undying was not a kind of a bestseller, partly because of bad marketing politics, partly because of its mood and targeting: this game certainly can't be called the game for everyone.
Though, once got involved, many of us included the world of Undying, or, for me, ideas and sights of Undying's world, into our lives. If you haven't played the game yet, you certainly should do it. Or browse this portal to get an idea of what it's all about.

So, that was the basement, but not the contents. We want to devote this portal not only to the single masterpiece of game development, but to a widier world. If you know that there are unexplainable things in our world, that mystics and supernatural stuff possibly exists and that our reality is not the only place in the Universe, then I hope you'll be interested with this portal.
Our main goal is to let you do what you'd like to and to let you communicate with other people who believe that the truth is out there, too.
Most of the materials here should be considered as some kind of hobby or entertainment, though others can express our and your true sights.

We will highly appreciate any interest and help from your side, if you have anything interesting and want others to know about it, contact us and we will publish your information with our pleasure! Look
here for details.

Finally, I feel I should notice a couple of technical details.
Undying Italia originally was a great idea of great man and my dear friend known as Doppiapunta. Initially it was intented to be Italian community of the Clive Barker's Undying, but later it has grown into something more, a kind of world-wide portal about Undying's world and about mystics in our lives.
Currently we support three languages: English, Italian and Russian. The most of portal contents is available in all three languages, so people from different parts of the world can feel theirselves in the most comfortable way. We can also provide support for other languages if we'll find Undying adepts to support them, you can contact us if you want to participate.
Refer to
How to Set part of this guide to learn more about portal browsing.

Well, thanks for reading this Introduction, your patience is highly appreciated! You could either keep reading to get more information or just start browsing the portal now.

2. Who's Behind

At the current moment there are two of us holding the portal tidely:

Doppiapunta (Diego)

Great person, he is the one who started this portal.
Well here I am. It's me, Maaaaario...ehmm...Doppiapunta. I'm joking. :)
Well did you like it? No?! Oh "Mamma mia"!!!
Well I know that you didn't like such a demential presentation..but this is my way. As you noticed I'm a positive person who like very much staying with friends and joking.
I'm 26 years old. What are you saying? Maybe I'm too old? Well I don't think so!
I'm from Italy that probably you know for the beautiful girls and for "pizza" (I think that there are many other things that make Italy unique in the world ;)).
I'm graduated in dentistry and I'm very interested in games especially in PC ones. I discovered Undying some years ago I loved it immediately. It has a great atmosphere, great story, great characters (Keisinger is my favourite one) and ..well what is not great in this game? Nothing I suppose! Unfortunately Undying wasn't translated into italian language so, me and some friends of mine decided to translate it into italian language.
During the months I met my dear friend Burt and I started working with him on my project. He helped us a lot and I'll never be able to thank him as much as he deserve. Finally we released the italian translation for free and it was a great success. Unfortunatley Undying was never well supported. So day after day an idea blowed up into my mind: "Why don't we open an Undying Italian Community?"
I talked about to my friend Burt and he was immediately excited about it and...now here we are.
We really hope that all the Undying fans will find in this portal a great place were discuss about their favourite game, a place where they can find all they need to taste this game in the best way.
So support us we will make Undying live forever.
And now... "get back to slay the King"

and me, his friend and partner, burt (Vladimir Vaulin)
Possibly great person too, but actually just a fan of Undying and adept of Cthulhu (just kidding about Cthulhu, don't worry) (or better do worry, as Cthulhu doesn't like jokes) (well, uhm, sorry...).
I live in Russia, known as country of vodka and white bears, but also famous for a soul of russian man. I prefer the last one.
For now I'm 21 and I'm going to finish university in the next year. My speciality is IT and programming. My hobbies are thinking, communicating with my friends and fellow men, reading, swimming. That's not all, but I have to amdire I enjoy of many things in this life and it would take too many time and space to enumerate them all, sorry.

Well, this possibly is enough for now. Refer to Where to Write part to contact us.


3. First Time Here?

General Information

The portal is based on phpBB forum and uses free MKPortal M05 (c) engine available at http://www.mkportal.it. We have modified it to provide multilingual interface and contents, and to fit some parts of the portal to our needs. We are grateful to MKPortal developers team for making that engine.

Portal contains 4 main sections:

And a set of small sub-sections, including informational and content pages, Top Sites, Quotes section, News, etc.

Any guest visitor can browse Forum, can read News and can watch Top Sites list. Materials, Image Gallery and Downloads area are only available to registered users. Registration is completely free and its main purpose is to maintain the integrity of the portal and to avoid spam and traffic overloads.

here to register.

Moreover, we may choose some of registered users and make them Trusted Users, which will allow them to add new materials, post news, add images to Image Gallery and upload new files to Downloads section. Want to become one of them? Just be yourself and participate in portal's life actively, we are always at your side!

Rules and Restrictions

For now we only insist that you'll be polite to other users of this portal. Do not use round oaths and do not make other people sad, and you'll be respected and welcomed.
We hope we will never have to set any restrictions for you, please support us as what can be better than nice, warm relationships and atmosphere, as Terminator used to say!


4. Where to Start

Let me guide you to main sections of the portal again:

  • Forum
    here you can communicate with other fans of Undying and to discuss any topics you are interested in
  • Materials
    a collection of articles and different information, split into separate categories
  • Downloads
    all the files available for downloading, including mods for Undying, graphic assets, tools and patches, etc.
  • Image Gallery
    here you can find screenshots, fanart, concepts, etc

There are also three smaller sections:

  • News
    all the important information and announcements
  • Top Sites
    links to other great resources
  • Quotes
    your and our favorite quotes taken from different places

At this moment you can also find Undying Related section right after the Portal Menu. It contains three links:

  • Mods
    list of mods to Undying, all the mods are listed with names of their authors and links to appropriate download entries
  • Game Downloads
    here I collected sets of the most important downloads for Undying, including additional game info (journal of Jeremiah, for example), game editing tools and tutorials
  • Texture Updater
    this section is devoted to Texture Updater - a tool for improving graphics quality of Undying by using detail textures

Well, I suppose you should start in Undying Related -> Game Downloads, then go to Image Gallery, then refer to Undying Related -> Mods to download and play additional levels, and then go and read Materials. Finally, don't forget to download Undying Graphic Assets.

5. How to Set

During registration process you will have to fill your user settings. If you have already registered, you can go to your Profile Settings to change them.

The most important ones include

  • Language
    for now we support English, Italian and Russian
  • Languages to hide at forum
    forums in selected languages will be hidden by default until you click on icon with country flag to show them again. This only applies to forum's Index page.


6. Where to Write

Click this link to write us

Here you can and should send any critics, offerings, ideas, materials, files, etc.

Moreover, active and reliable users could be granted to access Materials, News, Image Gallery and Downloads sections to add contents manually. We will pick ones we prefer, but please understand us and do not blame if we won't pick you - it has no relation to you as a person, but only depends on portal's needs. Thanks.

I think that now you have an idea of what it is and what it is meant for. Hope you'll be enjoyed!

(c) burt,
march 2005
Clive Barker's Undying tm and other titles are registered trademarks of their respective owners including Electronic Arts LA, DreamWorks and others.
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