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Game Update: Enabling Defensive Spells
Title Game Update: Enabling Defensive Spells
Description This article describes how to enable Defensive Spells in Undying.
Sent by burt

Aeons update: Enable Defensive Spells

Download DefSpellsUpdate archive here

Undying has some stuff which was cut from the game at final development stages, including the following Defensive Spells:

  • Incantation of Silence

    reduces noise made by player (footsteps, jumps, etc), so enemies can hardly hear you. Is close to Phase spell. At higher casting levels enemies won't hear your weapon firing or spell casting either.

  • Phase

    a kind of stealth modifier. When you activate it, it makes you transparent for enemies, so they can hardly see you. But when you move/fire/use spells, you become visible to them.

  • FireFly

    a kind of locator for enemies. Spawns a bunch of particles which are seeking for enemies in a huge radius around player. Spells like Ectoplasm and SkullStorm are pointing to highlighted enemy automatically, which acts just like auto-aiming. Particles live 5 to 15 seconds depending on spell casting level.

  • ShalasVortex

    gives protection from Magical damage while spending mana quickly.

How to install

First of all, you should update Aeons.u package by compiling new scripts.

1. Go to your Undying\System folder with an Explorer.

2. Make a backup copy of Aeons.u file to be able to restore it if anything goes wrong.

3. Open System.ini file in the same folder with a Notepad.

4. Scroll the file to section [URL] and look for SourceDir=... line.

At the right part of this line (after "=") you'll see a folder where Undying will search for any new scripts you can create and compile. So, you should create a folder on your hard-drive, which WILL NOT CONTAIN SPACES in its name. I can recommend you to use C:\UndyingScripts.

Now you should modify SourceDir=... line to SourceDir=C:\UndyingScripts.

5. Save the file and close Notepad.

6. Go to C:\UndyingScripts folder. Unpack archive DefSpellsUpdate.rar into that folder keeping directory structure, so you should have a subfolder named Aeons and folder Classes inside it. Complete path should look as follows: C:\UndyingScripts\Aeons\Classes

7. Make sure that you have a couple of files with ".uc" extension inside Classes folder.

8. Call "Run..." from your Windows Start Menu, and browse for Undying\System\ucc.exe file. Click "Open" and add word "make" to the command line so it looks like ...Undying\System\ucc.exe make, word space before "make" is required. Now run it. It should find new scripts and update package Aeons.u in your "Undying\System" folder.

Do not worry if you see any WARNING or Failed loading package messages during compilation (they appear when compiler tries to find updated sounds and textures), everything is fine until there are no ERROR messages.

Now we should bind keys to control defensive spells

9. Go to your Undying\System folder with an Explorer and open User.ini file there with a Notepad.

10. Find x= line in Engine.Input section. Add FireDefSpell word at the end of this line so it looks like x=FireDefSpell. Now you can fire Defensive spells using "x" key. Do the same for "5" and "6" so they look like 5=PrevDefSpell and 6=NextDefSpell. Now you can switch Defensive spells with "5" and "6" keys.

That's almost done now, launch any Undying map and use "bring" cheat to obtain spells:

  • bring IncantationofSilence

  • bring Phase

  • bring FireFly

  • bring ShalasVortex

To get spell you should enter one of these cheats and simply walk forward a little. You'll see name of acquired spell at the bottom of the screen.

You may scroll between spells with "5" and "6" keys assigned in paragraph 10, and use them with key "x".

To amplify the spell, use ampdefspell cheat.

Do not forget that you may also bring and use such regular Offensive spells as

  • Mindshatter

  • PowerWord

  • Ward

E.g. "bring mindshatter", "bring powerword", "bring ward" commands.

Also try the following items:

  • TranslocationScroll - teleports you to the location of creature you're looking at, while the creature will be teleported to your location;

  • PowderOfSiren - allows to blind enemy with some kind of tear-gas cloud.

One more thing to read: under Health and Mana icons you'll see three circles: blue, green and yellow. Blue and green shows respectively how much are you visible and audible to enemies. Yellow circle shows your movement level. Take a look at these indicators while using Phase or IncantationOfSilence to see what effect they give to you.

You can download DefSpellsUpdate archive here.

Have fun!

Updated 19 feb 2005:

  • AddAll cheat now gives all the defensive spells and lantern

  • Fixed bug when defensive spells were disabled after firing offensive spell

  • Fixed bug with previous/next switch keys

Updated July 22, 2010:

  • ampdefspell cheat added to description

(c) burt, 2005

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02 Feb 2012
Русский перевод см. на форуме: http://www.undyingitalia.it/public/forum/viewtopic.php?p=3765#3765
26 Mar 2009
If someone still reads this article could you tell me why after compiling these scripts whih UndEd2(because I do not have USS.EXE!!!) it dislikes the defaultproperties section so I had to remove it. Really, all spells worked but their images and cast animation are not displayed at all! So is there any other way to restore them rather than using ucc?(I would be glad if anybody could send me one)
18 Jul 2006
When I tried to get the .uc files working, all it says is "Can't Find System.uc in clases" Can't you just get an easier, non-effortless way of making my game home of defensive spells?
30 Mar 2005
sadly system.ini doesnt seem to exist on the Mac version. If there is an alternative which I can edit, I would be very greatful.
09 Feb 2005
Pretty cool. Especially that polydebugger.

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