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Undying Easter Eggs
Title Undying Easter Eggs
Description by Haldir
Sent by burt

Our member Haldir posted about Clive Barker's Undying Easter Eggs!

Yea, i have found a couple of easter eggs... well, developer diaries. I dont know if these have been found before, and i dont know if anyone cares but i will tell them anyway.

Developer Diaries: Diary 1

Go to first monastery ruin map, that one where you get sun medallion from tower. Play the map and get down the trapdoor. After sliding down, walk forward and turn right. Walk to the end of the tunnel in right and enable ghost mode by typing astral to console. Go through the wall and you enter a nice little room with diary on table. Disable ghost mode by typing walk to console and take the diary.

Developer Diaries: Diary 2

Go to pirates cove and get up the stairs after killing the dynamite throwing pirate. You will enter a large cave. Turn left and enable ghost mode. You should see a cave-room when you go through the cave wall in your left. There are 2 diaries in that room.

Thats all i have found for now, i am looking for some more.

And heres some easter eggs i have found from one website:

Shooting Gallery

  • Begin the game, walk into the house, and get the short tour from the maid.

  • Afterwards, walk to the end of the hall, towards the door near which there lies a health pack.

  • Shoot the two square panels near the top of the door.

  • The door should open, and inside you'll be treated to a 10 level mini-shooting gallery.

Miniature Theater

  • Hit Tab

  • Enter "Open Manor_EntranceHall_FromKitch"

  • Head towards the paintings on your left

  • Jump and try to reach the top of the two outermost paintings. They will become slightly recessed and you will hear a click when you're successful.

  • Watch the show!

Giant Sheep

  • Hit Tab

  • Enter "Open Monastery_Present_Cove"

  • Play through the level until you have jumped into the ruined building (from the barn)

  • Head to the upper level of this building Look for a plank that is extended towards the farm (this is where some howlers were jumping around when you first got into the building) Jump up and down at the end of the plank a few times, and you'll see our version of the staypuft marshmallow man...

Disco of Death

  • Hit Tab

  • Enter "Open Oneiros_HowlingWell"

  • Fly up to the big building. Walk in, and down the stairs. Look for a square button on the wall (near the big purple magic field thingy). Uh, push it.

  • Go back outside. Fly up onto the roof of the building and scrye. Look for a small purple haze, and fly towards it.

  • Getchur groove on...

Patrick Strikes Out

  • Hit Tab

  • Enter "Open Manor_Entranchall_night_ReturnFromCove" (yes I think that's the longest level name in the game...)

  • Walk through the first set of doors, and hang a left. A maid will come out. After you've talked to her, follow her and hang around for a bit. Perhaps she's not doing anything later tonight.. besides exercising, that is.

Ultimate Beast Friend

Start the game in nightmare mode (the hardest level). As soon as you start your new game immeditaly supply yourself with all the spells and flight mode. If you have enough time use the amp up spell "ampattspell" on the Invoke spell. Turn immeditaly around and if you wait long enough.. approximately 3 minutes, you will see a giant beast run by on the other side of the main gate. Quickly jump over the gate using flight and kill the beast (use lightning, its the fastest way). Once the beast is dead, quickly use invoke. Now you have the ultimate beast friend which will follow you to every level in the game and kill everything you come across. Do not fire weapons at the beast or it will die. Do not warp levels or this beast will not follow you.

PS: you can jump inside in-game movie by enabling ghost mode during the movie.

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07 Sep 2007
Question I have tried the super beast easter egg, but after killing the beast and invoking it, I cannot seem to get it to follow past the gates, all it does is vanish after the spell wears off. Any ideas on how to keep the beast?

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