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Return To Madness Part.1
Name Return To Madness Part.1
Description Great Mod from EddX.
This mod is composed of the first two maps of a problaby 6 maps large one.
Unfortunately it's unfinished.
However this is a great cool mappack.
Highly recommended.
Sent by Doppiapunta
Size 2591.89 Kb
Votes Votes: 3 - Average: 4.5

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13 Sep 2014
Different and interesting change. I didnt feel as if i were in the typical "Undying world" so well done of creating something a little different. I was left wondering when something was going to "happen", felt a little flat and lacking in this area. But definitely made up for things once i got to Oneiros. Cleverly crafted and beautiful, im not sure if it was my computer and game settings or if the map was buggy since it would often just cut play and exit. Sadly had to stop playing for this reason. enjoyable and visually stimulating - thanks for sharing and well done!

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