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Texture Updater, 128x128 sized version
Name Texture Updater, 128x128 sized version
Description This is a version of utility with Detail Textures included having 128x128 pixels size. You should download this version to run it at modern PCs with more than 2000 MHz CPU speed and modern video card.
Sent by burt
Size 1558.31 Kb
Votes Votes: 12 - Average: 4.67

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16 Nov 2014
I downloaded this but didn't notice a difference.
01 Nov 2012
I'm starting to be, but you can not install the file. I use windows 7 x64 and I installed the game to the original folder.

I have the system / system.ini file in the installation. What could be the problem?
18 Dec 2009
Hi. I used to have Unddying on my WinXP. I now have a WinVista PC. However I can't install the texture pack because there's not a system.ini neither user.ini on the "System" folder. The only ini files are Default.ini and DefUser.ini. What must I do?
24 Mar 2009
Very Happy thanks so much burt!I can't wait to see the eye-catching textures on this great game.Awsome work.greets
05 Jul 2008
Thank you for your work guys!
25 Oct 2007
Why i cant download? Confused
10 Oct 2007
The download dont work properly.Plz post a new link or add a second mirror or send me this file per mail.
17 Jul 2007
Thank you guys for all the hard work!
02 May 2007
Thank you so much for this!
02 Dec 2006
nicely done Very Happy
22 Sep 2006
thanks for makin me more scared of this game!!!!!! it looks much better now!!
01 Jul 2006
I agrre who all those guys who said texture updater is a great tool, i have installed it and now all game surfaces seems really more detailed when you get closer to them, i recommend this updater to everyone who holds this beatiful game!
19 Jun 2006
Problem, I cant quite download this patch well, so pls if you can, send it to me in my email... also do you know how to fix this error cuz it keeps crashing my game play:

History: Unset Textures <- UD3DRenderDevice::Flush <- UClient::Flush <-UEngine::Flush <- Cleanup <- UGameEngine::LoadMap <-LocalMapURL <-UGameEngine::Tick <-UpdateWorld <- MainLoop...

if anyone knows how to fix this plz send me an email... thanks :!:
06 Oct 2005
я играл в эту игру несколько лет назад, сейчас, после апгрейда системы, появились проблемы с графикой - сильная пикселизация объектов при удалении, особенно эффектов (например, в начале игры при использовании маны Scrye, всякая мелкая живность при приближении светится в голубом ореоле, при удалении от объекта - в голубом прямоугольнике. Миссию, где падает снег, вообще трудно было пройти, трудно разглядеть). Поставил Texture Updater 128x128, на эффекты положительного эффекта Smile этот пак не оказал. Конфигурация системы - Athlon 2500+,DX9.0c, Radeon 9800Pro, Catalyst 5.9. Кто сталкивался с такой проблемой и нашел решение, просьба подсказать на ICQ 19915591.
02 Oct 2005
Sono molto contento che qualcuno abbia pensato di migliorare la grafica di questo gioco stupendo, c'è chi lo chiama FPS, a mio parere se Clive Barker's Undying fosse riscritto con l'engine di Unreal 2 sarebbe un capolavoro assoluto, per la trama e l'impostazione non cambierei niente è già perfetto così per come è.
Paul Lightning
07 Sep 2005
Texture updater is an excellent tool that makes the original Undying game more vivid and professional -- improving graphics tremendously. Game designers and developers will discover that this tool makes new mods and levels much more professional, as well. This tool makes your game run with more details on your textures as you move closer to them -- for example, showing wood grains on a wooden panel, or marble facets on a marble floor. Details no longer become pixelated when you install and use this tool, improving graphics and effects. I highly recommend this tool, whether for your existing Undying game, or for your expansion packs, mods, or any new game creations.

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