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Nightmare Mod Part. 1
Name Nightmare Mod Part. 1
Railrock, the well known creator of Egyptian mappack, is developing a new mappack for Clive Barker's Undying: Nightmare
This mod has a great sick and freaking atmosphere.
It is very cool: good environments, great and impressive cutscenes, cool effetcs and great new sounds.
This is only the first map byt soon Railrock will release other ones.
In the meanwhile play this one and enjoy yourselves with it.
Sent by Doppiapunta
Size 2455.96 Kb
Votes Votes: 10 - Average: 4.01

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07 Oct 2018
Очень короткий = плохо Cool Не запускается вторая карта = плохо Задумка = хорошая итого 1 из 5
10 Mar 2010
Ужос))))) Surprised
11 May 2009
Whoah! That was great! Surprised
09 Jan 2007
This is creepy as F***
01 Apr 2005
This one has great atmosphere.

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