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Moody Gardens
Name Moody Gardens
Description This is a test map for an updated cut-scene camera engine by burt.
Contains music theme by Cujo (aka Amon Tobin).
Includes new script package UndyingArt.u.
Sent by burt
Size 2680.41 Kb
Votes Votes: 4 - Average: 5

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05 Oct 2006
scarrowink, download does work okay. You could try to disable download manager for this download if you use any.
12 Jun 2006
Sad Sorry, but I won't be able to download Moody Gardens because the download stops midway or partially.
Paul Lightning
07 Sep 2005
This is a great achievement -- very creative and professional! The combination of camera work with the new music -- working in synchonization to create an extreme mood of foreboding and danger, yet ghostly excitement -- is stunning and original. Although Burt used the existing map level from the Undying game, his utilization of effects and new views of the existing artwork is fantastic! Great work!

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