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Name Sins
Description This s a very beautiful mod from BlueFink.
It's inspired to another Clive Barker's Creature: Hellraiser.
It's very well done, very good levels, nice graphics and cutscnes.
It's recommended to all Undying Fans.
you can't loose the emotions and feelings generated by this mod.
Sent by Doppiapunta
Size 5011.88 Kb
Votes Votes: 6 - Average: 4.6

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01 Sep 2014
This map was brilliant - If you are a Hellraiser fan you will LOVE this mod! Artistically, the creator wove magnificent wonders. It was beautifully breathtaking and dazzled me quite often. Creativity was sky high! (loved the invisible wall approach) I really appreciated the artist talent that went into building this one, it was a pleasure to play. I completed the mod but must admit i found the mazes a little too tangling in some areas, but i am not a fan of mazes so someone else may well love this aspect. Thank you so much for sharing this adventure with us all. I also wish you well as i believe you hold incredible talent since you mastered how to create complex gameplay in a puzzling, interesting and breathtaking enviroment - please express more of your talents and create your own game! Very Happy
25 Aug 2014
Forget that last message - i persisted and finally found the arch!
25 Aug 2014
PLEASE HELP I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this but now i am at a point where i am stuck, im up to the part where i need to find an arch to press to access another area (as stated in the journal) i have no idea where to look im just running around the entire area trying to walk into every arch. STUCK. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE really dont want to abandon - enjoying so much! Shocked
17 Feb 2009
Great atmosphere here, hated the first map, final maze and boss battle a bit to challenging...gave it a 3 (average)
08 May 2007
On an egual level to the original Undying. A must play Undying Mod.

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