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Undying Timeline
Title Undying Timeline
Description A timeline of events for Undying by Katran
Sent by burt

Undying Timeline

  • 871 B.C. - Celtic Warrior is buried with the Scythe

  • 1231 A.D. - Monastery built

  • cir. 1431 A.D. - Monks dig up body of Celtic Warrior

  • 1435 A.D. - Patrick appears in Monastery of past and takes Scythe

  • 1691 A.D. - property bought by Covenant family, who later build the mansion

  • cir. 1820 A.D. - Covenant family abandons the estate

  • 1880 A.D. - Joseph Covenant reopens the Covenant estate

  • March 1888 A.D. - Jeremiah Covenant born

  • Btwn. 1888-1893 A.D. - Bethany and Aaron Covenant born

  • Btwn. 1889-1894 A.D. - Ambrose Covenant born

  • 4 February, 1895 A.D. - Lizbeth Covenant born and Evaline Covenant dies

  • Cir. 1900 A.D. - Siblings perform ritual at Standing Stones

  • Btwn. 1910-1914 A.D. - Family portrait of siblings done

  • 1914 or 1915 A.D. - Lizbeth Covenant dies

  • Btwen. 1914-1918 A.D. - Jeremiah serves and dies in World War I

  • 21 June, 1916 - Joseph Covenant murdered by Ambrose Covenant

  • 1918 A.D. - Aaron Covenant “disappears” and likely dies

  • January 1921 A.D. - Bethany Covenant dies

  • 12 June, 1922 A.D. - Ambrose Covenant dies in a leap from a cliff

  • October 1923 A.D. - Patrick arrives at the Covenant estate

© Katran, 2006

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05 Apr 2007
For Insanedoll: if you check other information given in the game, such as the butler's statements to Patrick and dates given in the Journal of Jeremiah, you will find that Ambrose's journal dates are most likely incorrect. It is stated in two different places that Joseph died in 1916, which is what I put in the timeline.

Two sources against one. Sorry. Wink
14 Jan 2007
Very well done Very Happy But: "21 June 1922

Today in the Billiard Room father confronted me about my late night excursions. I did not realize that a stick could do such damage. I watched as his blood stain" That was from Ambroses Journal. So Joseph died 1922.
Very Happy The rest is very good!!!! Just look it up in the game Cool
Paul Lightning
14 Nov 2006
This is some very good work on the various times and events in Undying. Nice work! This gives us all some new perspective -- and vision -- about the storyline of Undying! Cool

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